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Ghaziabad Among Top Four Affordable Housing City In India

As per market reports, Ghaziabad is included among the top four affordable housing cities in India – Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Ghaziabad and Kolkata. If we go as per the ‘Ease Of Living Index’, the city is ranked as the best in NCR and second best in the state.
Hence, it can be rightly said that owing to its continuous efforts to make the city clean, green and well developed, the city certainly deserves to be one of the finest places to live in India. Hence, if you are looking for affordable flats in Ghaziabad, this is the right time, as the city is rapidly developing, and soon it will transform into a complete urban, developed city.Tower-A

Why Invest In Ghaziabad?
For the potential home buyers, Ghaziabad serves as the ideal location due to the following reasons –

a) Increasing Popularity
: Ghaziabad is no more a lesser known city. Within the past few decades, it has transformed into one of the most popular cities of India. Hence, living here will improve your quality of life and living standards.

b) Less Polluted: In comparison to the other regions in Delhi NCR, Ghaziabad is less polluted. The city majorly focuses over a clean and green environment. Hence, you will find flats in NH 58 Ghaziabad surrounded by lush greenery.

c) Higher Returns: At present, the property rates in the city are very affordable, and commit for higher returns on the basis of continuous developments, increasing awareness among the buyers for quality of life, increasing demand for modern amenities and increasing number of expressways and highways.

d) Proximity To Delhi: This is one of the major reasons why Ghaziabad is preferred a lot. It is located very close to Delhi. Therefore, people having their offices, schools or colleges in Delhi find it easy to travel, without any hassle.

e) Very Affordable: The flats in Ghaziabad are very affordable. Hence, even a middle class buyer, who strictly sticks to his monthly budget, can also purchase a home both for living or just for investment purposes.

In simple words, Ghaziabad for sure, should be on your list, if you are planning to purchase a ‘home sweet home’ that is inclusive of all modern facilities for a sumptuous living. Just make sure that you choose the right market to invest in. The city has several micro pockets, such as NH 24, NH 58, Raj Nagar Extension etc. All have their own advantages. So, research a bit, and book your flat(s) immediately!!

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