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10 Things To Check While Planning To Buy 1 Bhk Flats In Ghaziabad

The decision of buying a home is full of responsibilities. You do not just have to think about the comfort of your pocket, but also about the security of your family. A single mistake in choosing the right home can put you in a state of loss for an unknown duration of time.Tower-ASo, invest in the right property in the very first instance by keeping the following things in mind –

1. Property Location

First and foremost, you must check the location of the property, which should be strategic, safe, and give you easy travel options to your workplace, kids’ school etc. Do research the location thoroughly and then only select it for purchasing your home.

2. Property Price

The property price in your selected locations will help you fix your budget and shortlist the ones that meet your needs perfectly. Don’t forget to compare the property rate with that in the neighbouring areas.

3. Legal Check

Do have a complete legal check of the property you choose. Ensure that the developer has obtained approvals and NOCs from the municipal corporation, electricity boards and other area development authorities.

4. Important Documents

While purchasing 1 bhk flat in Ghaziabad, it is important to obtain some important documents and certificates, like occupancy certificate, sale deed, mutation certificate etc.

5. Upcoming Infrastructure

For a better-valued property, you must keep an eye on the existing and upcoming infrastructure near the chosen location. This will provide connectivity and several other benefits to you.

6. Possession Time

Depending on whether you want instant possession or possession at a later date, you must ask the builder that by when you can get complete possession of your home.

7. Builder-Buyer Agreement

Once you have paid a token amount for your home, you will be required to sign a builder-buyer agreement. Sign this agreement by reading it carefully and understanding all the clauses.

8. Cost Of Ownership

Before finalizing any of the affordable flats in Ghaziabad, estimate the total cost of ownership, which generally include new furniture you buy, registration charges, stamp duty etc. So, nearly 5%-20% will be added to the basic cost of the apartment.

9. Neighbours

The type of gentry surrounding your home has a major role in understanding whether or not the chosen flat/property is ideal for you. Stay at a location where the neighbours are well-educated, decent and like-minded.

10. Balanced Mix For Investment

If you are purchasing the flat for investment purposes, make sure you have a balanced mix of debt instruments, equities and real estate. A 40:20:40 mix is the perfect ratio for investors below the age of 50 years.

Keep all these important points in mind, and you are all set to make the right decision.

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