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What Should You Know About “Affordable Housing”

The term “affordable housing” became a popular word nationwide, when the Government of India established “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna”, in 2015, with a goal of “housing for all by 2022”.

Also determined as an affordable housing scheme, this public initiative is aimed at delivering houses to those who have an income below that of the median household. The word “affordable housing” is therefore often linked with a self-owned property, with all standard amenities for delivering comfortable living, for the economically weaker section and lower-income group.

And while different public and private sector enterprises are working together to establish the same goal of affordable housing projects in Delhi NCR and other parts of India, the fact that there is another phase of the term affordable housing in Ghaziabad, cannot be ignored.

Affordable Housing for the Middle Class

Before you go deeper into the implications of affordable housing, you need to know about the concept of the term “affordability” in an Indian context. While doing so, one cannot assist but notice that “affordable housing” also falls under the sector of much broader local meaning.

Therein, affordable housing relates to residential real estate properties like flats in Meerut Road that are priced reasonably and thus available to the maximum portion of the population, which if seen from an Indian context, is the mid-income group.

Common Features of Affordable Residential Properties In Ghaziabad

Among the standard features that are listed across some of the most demanding affordable residential properties in Ghaziabad, a few are-

• Well-Located – With affordable properties being introduced close to commercial hubs and other major locations within the city, home buyers don’t have to settle in far-off areas.

• Good Connectivity –These properties are well-connected with different parts of the city and outskirts via roads. Additionally, these properties also have various means of transportation for the benefit of the residents.

• Sound Infrastructure – Retrieving public infrastructure including hospitals, schools, ATMs colleges, banks, and so on is not an issue either.

• Load Of Amenities –Make sure that the residents enjoy comfortable living within these housing projects, they are equipped with different facilities like 24×7 water supply, gymnasiums, power back, lifts, and swimming pool. The Ghaziabad real estate is among the most demanding industrial sectors in this county. Affordable housing is the top-most factor for making path-breaking changes in this sector. The real estate industry has done everything to make it to success and resolve the habitation issues across the nation.

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